Improve Google Rank – local SEO

Improving your local SEO involves making your business more visible in Google and similar search engines. Once someone in your area or someone who is looking to visit it makes a search that could in any way be relevant to your business, the level of search engine optimization that you have done for your website can mean the difference between the person ending up using your services or using those of another business that has made itself more visible.
There are several ways of improving local SEO, with the most basic one probably being citation building. This means having your business information like the name, phone and address featured on websites in order for potential customers to be able to find you more easily. Citation building will also make you more visible to search engines so that potential new clients are more likely to be drawn to your business.
As Google is currently the largest search engine, you should first focus on filling out information in your Google+ local page as well as having your business featured on Google Maps. This alone will greatly improve the chance of new clients accidentally stumbling across your business and deciding to use your services as well as current clients being able to get in touch with you more easily. Many businesses suffer from improper optimization of local SEO and face significantly reduced sales because of it.
Make sure that any of the citations you have built feature entirely correct and up-to-date information that is as extensive and relevant as possible. This includes your name, address and contact information including both your email and a preferably toll-free number, and then some of the more client-friendly features like pictures of your company and its staff. Your citations should also feature the correct working hours in order to avoid any confusion.
Once you have your company info online, you should perform an audit by using all of the past and present information related to your business in Google searches to locate every citation of your business online. If you have a business that is more than a couple of months old, it’s very likely that you have duplicate or incorect information online that you will have to address as part of your effort to improve your local SEO. You should get in touch with any website that already has your business information and verify that you are the owner so that you have control over the citation for your company on the website in question.
Aside from building appropriate citations, you can also optimize local SEO by optimizing your website to be more search engine-friendly as well as keeping track of any and all reviews related to your business. In particular, reviews of your business featured on top-ranking sites will be viewed by many people and can either attract or deter potential customers, so you should aim to have as many positive reviews as possible on relevant sites in order to make people want to become your clients.