Citations Checker

Where is your business listed?  Are you where you want to be?


The number one question i’m asked….. How do I get my business to the front page of Google?
To rank high in Google, a local business needs
1. Unique Content
2. Votes from other websites
3. Citations – or Local Listings
Citations are simply  your business Name, Address and  Phone number listed on directory websites like Superpages, Yellowbook, and more.

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If your competitor is outranking you, it just means that their site has
1. More authoritative Content than Your Site
2.They have more votes from other websites linking in.
3. They have more citations than you.
In most cases, I’ve seen it to be a combination of these things.  Contact me!   I can Help…
 I’ll perform an analysis of your website as compared with your competitors who currently out rank you. I will find out exactly which areas need to be addressed to beat them, and outrank them.  More $$ for you.