New Braunfels SEO Expert

Local Search Engine Optimization Services

Since 2003, Ive helped Businesses across the country, local businesses as well as national companies, with web based services, website design and Internet Consulting. I’ve published books, on the subject, as well as designed and developed Games & Apps for both iOS and Google Play. But to this day, My favorite aspect of the World Wide Web, is Local Internet Marketing and SEO. For the Business owners in my city, New Braunfels, SEO is important. Its the technique used to knock them down the google ladder, by climbing your way to the top. They wont see you coming.

I employ an extremely high level of SEO which very few internet marketers even know about. My methods are Google friendly. They have to be. If they weren’t, they would.’t work. Google’s algorithms are becoming more and more advanced, so as an internet marketer, knowing how these work is crucial. My results are proven. Let me force your website to climb the ranks. I have practiced these methods on my own brick and mortar businesses, as well as for other local business owners who NEEDED to outrank their competitors. If I cant get your site to the top of page one, I’ll work for free until it is! Its That Simple.

Did you know, in an average local business, a climb from the bottom position on page one to the middle position on page one equates to a 50% increase in revenue? Make it to the top 1-3 and you’re looking at least doubling your annual revenue!


There’s great satisfaction in building a website for a local business and getting them ranked on Google. But that’s just the beginning. To beat the competition, you first need to find their weaknesses. That’s the fun part! I analyze the competition’s website, and then I’ll Throw in a bit of that “Secret Sauce” to beat them. This Is Why I started New Braunfels SEO and



But, It’s really not a secret…… Whaaa?

Yep,  I can tell you how to beat your competitor online. I can tell you what Google looks at, why they rank certain sites higher than others. I’ll do that for FREE! Then it’s up to you. You put it into action, or let me pour on that “secret sauce!”


The “Secret Sauce”

There are 3 main criteria, that’s it. In the eyes of big “G”‘ if you do more in these 3 areas, you win. The prize? Higher ranking in the search results, more customers, more business, more profits. In local marketing, the difference between first or second page can easily be several hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue per year.

Want in? Here’s the recipe.